Vitae helps source crowdfunding for high tech youth helmets

By: Lindsay Strack
April 24, 2019


PHOENIX — Time Square calls it the “$15 Billion industry.” Youth sports and rising costs of putting your kids in them, is a team hurdle within in the tournament, league, and club revolution. Safety and technology come with a price. Youth sports fundraising is a great way to support club or school team sport.

Vitae Sports & Entertainment’s latest connection featured in Geek Wire highlights the partnership formed between VICIS and FundMyTeam. The Arizona-based agency focuses on sports and entertainment investments, with its a hedge-fund like approach, primarily servicing marketing and sales consulting across the amateur, youth, and professional sports and events space.

VICIS, a Seattle-based technology company, recently launched the VICIS ZERO1 YOUTH Football Helmet, the top-rated youth helmet on the market according to recent testing by Virginia Tech. The VICIS ZERO1, recently ranked first for the third consecutive year in the National Football League (NFL) and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA)’s Helmet Performance Testing, which assesses the performance of all helmets used in the NFL to determine their ability to best reduce the severity of head impacts at the professional level of play. The ZERO1 outperformed 33 other helmets tested. The ZERO1 is also top-rated in VIRGINIA TECH® Helmet Ratings for collegiate and high school play.

The cost of each VICIS ZERO1 YOUTH at retail is $495, but there are discounts for team orders. VICIS recently launched a fundraising page with the support of FundMyTeam. Teams can now sign up their youth club or school team and easily launch a fundraiser.

The formulation of the partnership began in Spring of 2018. Vitae’s network was able to access a good equity partner in establishing a fundraising relationship between VICIS and FundMyTeam.

Vitae Sports & Entertainment is currently engaged in several other football projects for both for-profit and non-profit organizations. For more information contact